Mt. Royal Angel

This piece was carved for a couple in Montreal who wanted to have their family monument taken care of while they could still appreciate it. They found an old Italian design in a local cemetery, to which we made certain changes. The angel was the focal point, but the real challenge with this design is the rough "rocked" cross behind her and the base, all carved from the same block. This "rock pitch" surface is a decorative sculptural technique in which the desired shape is broken out by knocking big pieces of stone away with big blunt "pitching" chisels.

Though the technique was widely and beautifully used not so long ago, it is quickly becoming a lost art, and this project offered an opportunity to learn a lot about it. As can be seen in the photos, a lot of preparatory work had to be done to set up the breaking out of the cross by creating flat surfaces to break from, and by relieving certain areas to allow the stone to break where you want it, and no further.

These photos show stages of the project from the original quarried block of granite, through the scale model and the enlargement in the stone.